DEAL OF THE DAY: $161 MILLION CEX LOAN SALE – 12,000 SF Office Non-Performing Loan/California

We are pleased to present this premier asset as today’s DEAL OF THE DAY in Carlton’s exclusive $161 Million Multi-State, Non Performing First Mortgage Small Balance Commercial & Multi-Family Loan Sale.  Below is a summary of the salient facts associated with this asset.

You can view this and over 300 other assets which are being offered. To access the due diligence materials associated therewith, please register on Carlton’s proprietary website ( and click on Loan #31507 in the “$161 Million – Multi-State, Non Performing First Mortgage Small Balance Commercial & Multi-Family” Loan Sale.

Current UPB:  $2,049,887.07
Status:  Non-Performing Loan

Location: California
Collateral Description:This loan is secured by a 12,000 SF office property located in a major metropolitan market in California.  
Bid Process: The loan assets are being offered through a bidder friendly process called the CEX MLS. In this manner, assets are offered on a first-come, first-serve, BID NOW basis. You can bid on individual assets or groups of assets as you so desire.

For more information on Carlton’s asset sale advisory please contact any of the following:

Joe Korbar
Managing Director

Justin Piasecki
Vice President

Aaron Iskowitz


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