Citi Sells $3 billion in loans to JP Morgan

I don’t know if you saw the news, but Citi Bank just sold $3 billion of arguably performing, multifamily loans to a JP Morgan affiliate.

This move continues to confirm that financial institutions are interested in moving large blocks of non strategic and non-core loans off of their books to monetize same and reallocate cash into more profitable areas.

At Carlton, we have a 20 year successful track record of structuring and trading loans to maximize returns for our clients. We provide top of the market valuation and underwriting services and can also structure and customize either a bulk sale or asset by asset execution based on your objectives.

We possess an international rolodex of institutional and high net worth investors who we will match up to your assets based on the individual objectives.

As previously discussed, we know the investor around the corner that will get you the best individual asset execution or the most senior personnel at the largest financial institutions in the world that have specific agendas to grow their loan portfolios through targeted acquisitions.

We are the best at running a structured, competitive environment which is guaranteed to create urgency and top dollar for your assets.

As you may have seen, we are currently exclusively retained in the marketing and the sale of over $2 billion of loan and REO assets either in a bulk, negotiated or accelerated sale format. In addition, based on new appraisals which are causing write downs on performing loan portfolios, we are seeing a trend by lenders to move performing positions off of their book to stay ahead of the regulators and to monetize performing loans from a proactive rather than from a defensive position. I invite you to contact me directly on a confidential basis so we may discuss your disposition needs. We move quietly, quickly and very efficiently.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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