Loan Sale Advisory

Carlton is one of the top loan sale advisors in the country, having arranged the sale of over $8 billion of loan assets within the last six years.

Carlton’s client side includes investment banks, commercial banks, mortgage companies, specialty finance companies, and insurance companies. Carlton is often the first choice for investment bankers and mortgage companies looking for exits for their loan assets in light of the depressed mortgage backed security markets, commercial bankers looking to take “classified assets” off their balance sheets and all types of lending institutions looking for liquidity and top of the market pricing levels.  These clients are able to leverage the extensive experience (in the sale of all loan types) of Carlton’s Loan Sale Group, the strong network of relationships and a very evolved and tested competitive bid loan sale process to obtain the pricing levels they’re looking for. The Loan Sale Group specializes in the due diligence, marketing and sale of performing, sub-performing, and non-performing residential, commercial, and consumer loan asset sales. Carlton has a strong base of existing relationships and maintains an extensive database of all active buyers and sellers of loan products in the United States.

Moreover, Carlton utilizes a sophisticated and competitive loan auction process that is carried out in multiple phases, all of which are fully managed and controlled by Carlton as it advises its clients throughout the process. The competitive bid process generates multiple, non-contingent final bids from the most aggressive investors in the market for any given asset class. Through the competitive nature of this process, loan sellers to receive a true “market value” for their loan assets.

It is evident that Carlton clients feel strongly that they achieve excellent value through this process due to the fact that most clients retain Carlton on an ongoing basis to continually assist them in managing their loan assets and balance sheets.

Carlton’s ongoing commitment to the optimization of its loan sale advisory services includes the development of proprietary technologies and processes that improve the timing and efficiency of the loan sale process. Carlton is always on the technological forefront, and has developed copyrighted, proprietary, web-based technologies that allow it to more efficiently and effectively manage the flow of transaction-related information, to enhance deal execution, and to better manage its loan sale business.

Representative Loan Sale Advisory Transactions:

$1.03 Billion Loan Sale – Sub-Prime Residential Loans and Non-Performing Commercial and Residential Loans

Carlton advised three major commercial banks on the sale of multiple portfolios of commercial and residential loans.

$963 Million Loan Sale – Sub-Performing and Non-Performing Whole Loans

Carlton advised a major money center bank on the sale of a portfolio of sub-performing and non-performing loans.

$240 Million Loan Sale – Sub-Prime Residential Deficiency Charge-Offs and Sub-Prime Loans

Carlton advised two major financial institutions on the sale of multiple portfolios of residential charge-offs and sub-prime loans.

$183 Million Loan Sale – Performing, Sub- and Non-Performing Sub-Prime Loans

Carlton advised three major sub-prime lenders on the sale of multiple portfolios of first and second mortgages.

$167 Million Loan Sale – Performing, Seasoned Closed-End Home Equity Loans

Carlton advised a top-25 banking institution one the sale of a portfolio of home equity loans, including both first and second mortgages.


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